Yiiiha. 29.1 of 30 kilo allowed on my suitcase. Feeling like a king, when reality hit my like a brick in the face.
“May I check the weight of the handlugge, sir?”
“Thehandluggagesir. MayIchecktheweightplease? Onlytheweightplease. It’s seven kilo! Pleasesirletmechecktheweightplease!”
I don’t know what made the lady speak so fast and determined. My facial expression must have told her that in that moment I tried to figure out a way to earn enough money to pay for the huge overload ticket coming in.
My bag holds my cameras, my laptop, some harddrives, cables and any other heavy stuff that would have kept me from taking my flight because of overweight luggage. I don’t travel much, but I never had anyone check on the cabin luggage. I was fucked. Accepting my destiny I lunged my bag on the scale with a grin of desperation. As the numbers finally calmed down the total amount was heroic “47.8 kg” F U C K E D!!!
I’ll never get it. I threw my bag on my back suffering to at least kinda like make it look like seven kilo breaking my bag instead of 18, but I don’t think anybody cared, when I ran from the counter laughing madly. But I’m good to go. Looking forward to movies and airplane food (“You ordered a special meal?” “Yes!” “Oh, the rules of your meal are very strict!” “Aye, aye!”) and going home. Damn am I looking forward to going home!!