Northmen red carpet

And now for something completely different. My work from the red carpet at the start of the german version of Northmen A Viking Saga from yesterday evening is being featured on the facebook accounts of the movie and nordmedia.
I didn't get the chance to see the film though. But if you're in for some viking action, I heard it's worth to check it out. And of course, when you are a fan of Ken Duken, Tom Hopper and Anatole Taubman.

Ken Duken

Tom Hopper

Anatole Taubman


Some protesters gathered today in Hannover to protest against the imprisonment of three german and about 20 kurdish journalists in Diyarbakir. The protest was held next to the turkish consular office and supported by kurdish groups. Ruben, Chris and Björn have meanwhile been released from prison, even though the charges agains them have not been dropped. A trial is yet to be scheduled.